(Steps not in order)

Step 1

Secondary Market

You will be able to list you mints on the most popular solana marketplaces.

Step 2


Our poor penguins will be lost in the snow when the Avalanche falls. This means we will be sweeping the floor at random times and than burning them, we will also announce on twitter at the day of Avalanche. This will cause the supply to be lower after every Avalanche. 5% Of royalties will be used to sweep the floor.

Step 3

Streetwear Brand (PNGUIN)

After our successfull launch we will launch our own premium clothing brand, % of earnings from the merch will go towards charities. This won't be you're regular "Merch" this will be a real clothing brand with great designs, these will also be given out to our holders.

Step 4


Drippy Penguins will be more than just a 3d PNG, we will try to make our characters more interactive by bringing them into real life items like plushies or clothing (streetwear).

Step 5


Our cute plushies will be the symbol of our wonderfull community, plushies will go for sale aswell as we will personally deliver or send some to children in need.

Step 6


Aswell as we care about our community, we also care about the people and animals that need help. We will be donating money to children's hospitals and we will be fully helping out local Animal Shelters.

Step 7

Airdrops and Giving back to the community.

We care about the community and every person that interacts with our projects, so to give back to the community we will host various giveaways for our holders and non-holders. We will also airdrop 1/1 rare Drippy Penguins to some of our holders.

Step 8

Royalties and DAO

10% of royalties will be distributed amongst our holders in our DAO server.